Down at the Docks

~ by marysia on 18 June 2018.

2 Responses to “Down at the Docks”

  1. When we were at infant school we got taken on an ‘educational trip’ to Fleetwood Docks. We were crocodiled round – a boy with a girl with the idea the girls would keep the boys in order. I have images of the fish in my head still – not picturesque boxes of shining shoals but great big scary ugly things, imprisoned in crates! we had to write about it when we got back which is no doubt one reason it is so vivid, but another would be it is actually quite a traumatic event for a 6 year old to walk down long corridors awash with blood and scales…

    Now the fishing industry has mostly gone apart from the odd trawler selling to restaurants so the moderrn day infants of Manor Drive are safe from those horrors…

    • Wow! What a vivid memory. You must have been traumatised. No fish at this docks. Just lots of wood being unloaded. Not quite so scary.
      My memories of Pittenweem harbour as a kid are far more pleasant. My brother and I would hang around in the fish market as the boats came in and eventually someone would give us fish for free … to get rid of us no doubt!

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