Polish Army in Fife

I’m researching the Polish Army in Fife during WW2.

From time to time my blogs will feature my photos and finds.

If you’re interested, click here to read my blog posts:

‘Polish Army in Fife research’

or visit my website www.marysia.co.uk

If you have any information or photos that you would be willing to share,
please contact me by leaving a comment here on the blog or through my website.



Many thanks to St Andrews Museum for allowing me
to photograph this uniform from their Polish Collection


3 Responses to “Polish Army in Fife”

  1. I have some photos you may be interested in. My wifes father, origially from Lviv area and settled in Fife. I will e-mail you a couple of photos.

  2. I have a collection of photos which show my Father in The Polish Army in Scotland that I would be willing to share with you if you were interested please contact me.

  3. Hi Marysia-as discussed today, I have some Polish WW2 military history material available.I have E mailed you and await response.

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