About Marysia

I’m a freelance photographer working mainly on community and cross-generational projects. I’m always on the look out for long term residencies where I can develop my practice, engage with communities and organisations and meet new challenges.

My own photography projects deal with shared memories and sense of place. I’m currently based in Scotland where I’ve been researching the Polish Army’s presence during WW2. My exhibition Traces: the Polish Army in Fife during WW2 shown at the Cupar Arts Festival 2011 proved very popular with locals and second generation Poles from across Fife and further afield. I’m now considering ways to develop this and to create an online exhibition.

See my website for further details of my work and follow my blog for moments that amuse me and things that inspire or intrigue me.

Please contact me if you would like to collaborate on a project.
And, of course, I love to get comments on my work and blog.




7 Responses to “About Marysia”

  1. Hi Marysia, I am enjoying looking at your blog I have a short stay at The Steeple , Newburgh during the month of December . It would be good to meet up and do a walk perhaps . My practice is printmaking but am hoping to make sonme small paintings during december . My E mail address is ruthnay2003@yahoo.com

  2. I am interested in your ww2 project about Polish Army in Fife.

  3. I am the daughter of a Polish paratrooper..born in Paderewski Wing of the Western General Hospital…He was stationed at Elie at the time of marriage

  4. You can email me if you choose to

  5. I have a question for you. The contact link on your website is not working. Please contact me.

  6. Good info now I know what the swooping eagle with the wreath is my Father has, with several other documents, paper medals and a thin multi-colored fabric the diameter of a pencil and about six inches long.

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