Polish Army in Fife

During WW2 some of the Polish Army were stationed in Fife and I’m researching their presence for an exhibition later in the year. My father was in the 1st Polish Independent Parachute Brigade and I have a few of his old photos, like the one above. My father is second from right but I have no idea who the five others are or where the photo was taken. And I would love to know.

If you have any information about this time, the Poles presence in Fife or photos that I might include in my work, please get in touch with me.

~ by marysia on 10 March 2011.

14 Responses to “Polish Army in Fife”

  1. hi there my grandfather was in the 1st polish paratrooper brigade also his name was jan kirstein. sadly he passed away yesterday but if you have any old pictures of the camp that they were stationed in please can you email me copy’s??? i would love to see a picture with my grandad in it. very kind regards paul kirstein.

    • All the group photos I have at the moment are on the blog. If you have a photo of your grandfather please send it and I can include it and look out for him.

    • paul funny my dad was there as well ww2
      his name was wladyslaw kierszten and his brother was called jan also my grand father was jan as well
      Dave Kierszten

  2. Hello my father was in the 1st independent parachute brigade he was in the I have some photos in the loft his name was Alfons Podlaszewski
    I too would like to see what photos you have
    regards Alfons Podlaszewski (junior)

  3. I think my grandads in ths photo Andrej Nikiperowicz

  4. Which one is your granddad. I don’t have any of the names. My father is second from the right.

  5. Hi im almost sure he is 2nd left but im not 100% but it looks a lot like him and i also see a family resembalence .

  6. I am researching a member of the 1st Independant Polish Parachute Brigade who was in the 3rd Battalion. His name was Lt. Stanislaw Slesicki and was killed east of Driel on 22nd September 1944. His service Number was 4461 and he flew to Driel on chalk number 89. I have a picture of him in civilian clothes but not in uniform. Can anyone help me.

  7. Found your blog by accident – my grandfather was also stationed at Fife which according to my mother hated it, as he did not like the weather. I am looking for any information about the Free Polish Army. Many Thanks

  8. Was wladyslaw Kierszten your father? He married Isa, lived in Leslie in Fife & had 6 sons x

  9. Does anyone know a Jan that lived on sauchenbush road in 1944

  10. Hi, my name is Stephanie.
    I have recently been given photos of my dziadek in the same uniform as the men in your photo.
    I would love to share the photos I have and learn more about them.

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