Snowy Catford

The view from my window – the school has been closed for days.
I know this because usually the kids are out playing on the sports field
but it’s been spookily silent and empty.

Sitting on the loo, looking up at the brightening sky, I decided to go out for a walk …

… my car smiled at me and started instantly but we didn’t go anywhere …
(the side roads are still too icy and snowy for me)

… instead I headed up to the park to check out what was happening
… a few kids on trays and bits of wood sliding down the hill
on their makeshift toboggans but not much else …

My bench at the top of the hill was covered in snow …
… it was deep …
… there must have been about 6 inches of snow which is a lot for Catford …

… as I returned home I realised what I’d thought was my radiator dripping
or making odd noises was actually icicles forming outside my window …
… yikes … hope they don’t fall on my head  …

~ by marysia on 3 December 2010.

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