West Burra

… one of the smaller Shetland islands
off the west coast not too far from Scalloway …


… a beautiful sunny day for a short walk …


… starting at the very picturesque Meal Beach …


… the weather changes constantly just like the landscape …
I stayed well away from the cliff edges which are steep and a bit slippery


… but the views are always beautiful …


… the lighthouse on Fugla Ness …
another post will look at Shetland place names


… pretty pink and grey stones …
porphyritic adamellite with feldspar crystals
which glint in the sunshine


… the view from the lighthouse
with the village of Hamnavoe on the right
and in the distance in one of the bays
you can just see Scalloway …


… I followed the road helpfully called Roadside …


… through Hamnavoe back to my car …


~ by marysia on 7 June 2019.

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