London Mithraeum

… the London Mithraeum lies over one of
London’s lost rivers – the Walbrook –
which marked the boundary of the Romans’
first settlement of Londinium.
Now it lies in the heart of the City of London …


… Shift By Claudia Wieser currently  welcomes you
on the ground floor of the Bloomberg Space …


… an intricate patchwork of sculpture and collage …


… bringing the old and the new together …


… and leading to the interactive display of Roman objects …


… the original Temple of Mithras was built c AD240
this recreation was largely unearthed in 1952-54
and the reconstruction uses as much of the original
findings as possible …


… most of what is known about the cult of Mithras
comes from various archaeological sites as there are
no eyewitness accounts but it is known that
it was for men only, popular with the military
and included initiation ceremonies and rituals …


… the iconic image of Mithras killing a bull
is often interpreted as a creation myth …

Well worth a visit


~ by marysia on 20 February 2019.

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