Pool Demolition


… a few days since I passed by the old pool …


… and work is progressing …


… soon all that will be left …


… will be a gaping hole …


… meanwhile it’s fascinating to watch  ….


… the monsters at work …


… revealing the old internal structures …


… in a new way …


… crumbling …


… disappearing …


… and revealing hidden structures …

… previously hidden from view …



~ by marysia on 18 April 2018.

2 Responses to “Pool Demolition”

  1. the canapé of the ceiling is on a knife edge as I cycled past this morning, possibly a ‘watershed’ moment to come this afternoon.

    Can’t wait for a new cinema, hopefully there will be divans and it will be possible to enjoy a plastic pint of lager while watching the film, on the sofa, while the kids munch through their popcorn and slurp fizzy pop.

    Well mine shall probably be enjoying a half shandy by the time its built, but lets hope its a bit different to the generic drive in multiplexes of Dunfermline, Edinburgh retail parks and middle England that become so tired and shabby and tatty so quickly.

    A good mix would be the Dominion (Morningside, Edinburgh), with lovely big sofas dotted around the auditorium, tables in front for drinks and a big screen, about 1 1/2 times the price of the normal pictures but always busy; and and the ‘Kriterion’, in Amsterdam, opposite the University.

    The KRITERION has steeply seated auditoriums always packed with students and a café/bar downstairs with a trendy ‘living room’ atmosphere. Students appear to bring their parents here; and the parents seam to like it!

    As well as main stream Hollywood blockbusters there are ‘arty’ films later on during most Friday nights and weekends for the students.

    The Cameo, down from the Kings theatre has an interesting, if small, coffee house/ eatery which is popular not only with film goers.

    The most popular filmhouse cafes tend to contain a random mix of oldish sanded down tables and chairs some of which are lavishly upholstered but none match / the odd vase of flowers / young trendy student types queuing up to serve behind the bar and collect glasses / good espresso type coffee machines / those little single brown biscuits in the plastic, free on the edge of the saucer, Panini’s with fresh washed salad-by the young student types- individualistic, contemporary Paintings and drawings on the wall for sale, excellent bottled lager and on draft, the odd exhibition of art work and films which the youth of today (20 something students) would like to watch-this includes retro replays of old classics like Jaws etc.

    There are already too many places catering for Kids films/ old people films/and the general release mush that is served up in multi-screen plastic McDonalds Popcorn unsatisfying cheep velour nylon type yuk cinemas across the country which is why people stopped going to the films in the first place and they all closed down!

    If we are brave, and think about what works elsewhere and put someone in charge of the furnishings for the café and auditorium etc.-LIKE ME, we may end up with a fairly prosperous, money spinning venture that the 20 something’s like-and lets face it, when we go to the films, its the films that the 20 or 30 something’s like that we all like.

    • I totally hear you. I’m imagining something like DCA or the PIcturehouse cinemas when they first started before being bought up by Cineworld. It’s good to dream. Let’s hope we get an interesting independent and that people support it. Independent and foreign language films. And I agree re too much kids cinema. I’d support the Kino in Leven if it ever showed anything I wanted to see! Although it does do those live theatre and opera screenings and I keep missing them.

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