Largo House



… I often drive by or walk around Largo House
and think about my father who trained there in the 1940s
with the 1st Polish Independent Parachute Brigade …


… it’s a sad shell of a once beautiful building
with no recognition or signage about its history …


… until one day I noticed a little plaque ….


… on closer examination
it told the story of the Polish connection with the building …

I often wondered who put that notice there


… then out of the blue I got an email from Piotr …

W roku 2012 wraz z 2 kolegami odwiedziliśmy Largo House i zawiesiliśmy tabliczkę na murze. Na zdjęciu zawieszam ją ja. Jestem historykiem i pisze książki o 1.Samodzielnej Brygadzie Spadochronowej. Bardzo się cieszę, że pamiętasz o polskich spadochroniarzach. Miałem jeszcze tabliczkę, którą chciałem zawiesić na miejscu gdzie stała wieża spadochronowa w Lundin Links, ale nie chciałem jej umieszczać na prywatnym domu.

Piotr is a Polish historian who also writes about
the 1st Independent Parachute Brigade.
It was he and his friends who came from Poland
and attached the sign to the wall.

Mystery solved.

Well done Piotr and friends.
And thank you for reading my blog.


It reads:

In this place in 1941 the 1st Polish Independent Parachute Brigade was established, for which the Scottish land was homeland till 1947.  It was to return to freed Poland, but instead of this, the troop was sent with the mission to Market-Garden in Holland in September 1944. As a troop it didn’t have a chance to return to Poland. After the war very few of its soldiers returned to Poland, agreeing to live under Soviet’s occupation. The rest of the troop either found their lives in different parts of the world or remained in the UK. Some of them after the war settled down in Scotland, their second homeland.

~ by marysia on 7 May 2015.

2 Responses to “Largo House”

  1. hi friend, on reading your blog regarding Largo house you have answered my question too regarding the small yellow plaque. On a sunny day i had a walk around this once grandeur house, now left derelict buried in fallen debri and over grown trees, such a sad end to such a famous connection with the 1st parachute brigade who was dedicated to the freedom of their country and committed to the Arnhem invasion in 1944, many who trained here in Largo Fife lost there lives. My 1st first impression was, this isn’t right, we need a proper memorial set in place here for future generations to see and remember what the polish 1st parachute brigade did for Leven and the surrounding area, for many would be their ultimate sacrifice parachuting into Arnhem for their final battle. I am a member of the Fife Parachute regiment Association. We “the members” have visited the site again, and in the process took steps in highlighting the issue to various council members and local people to have a permanent memorial situated in the area. There is positive feed back from all concerned and hope to see a substantial sized stone or something along these lines engraved to keep the memory alive for the bravery and commitment from the Polish 1st parachute brigade. i will keep you informed of the progress.

    Kind Regards

  2. I think it is wonderful that a plaque has been attached here. Anchors the history of the building and in a few words illustrates the circumstances of post-war Europe. Must visit this building.

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