Largo House


… so sad to see this lovely old mansion in ruins …


… especially with its history and connection to
the First Independent Polish Parachute Brigade …


… however someone has put up a small plaque …


… and a new memorial 
will be going up in Leven in September
to mark the 70th anniversary of their jump into Arnhem …

~ by marysia on 14 March 2014.

9 Responses to “Largo House”

  1. Must pay a visit here at some point. It looks well abandoned.

  2. Yes it’s a great place although surrounded by barbed wire so be careful if you do go. The roof was removed some years ago and so it really is in a terrible state.

  3. Marysia I live in Brick cottage next to largo house.The cottage used to be the chauffeurs accommodation for the mansion residents.
    My grandfather was Rudolph Gregory Kryszczuk.I have lived here for 4 years after moving from Elie where my grandfather raised his family after the war.
    Rudi as he was known was a paratrooper in the 1st independent polish paratrooper brigade and saw action in Arnhem.He died in 1986 however I remember the 40year anniversary held at shellbay in 1984 which I attended with my father Michael Kryszczuk .
    My name is also Michael and I have always been drawn to.Elie,Shellbay and now by chance I live next door to.where the paras trained.
    Very proud of what these guys did.

    • Thanks for your comment and good to hear about your grandfather. Did he by chance marry one of three sisters? If so, I think I might have a photo. It would be good to meet up as I’m putting together another exhibition.
      Also, there’s to be a new memorial unveiled in Leven in September in memory of the paratroopers for the
      70th anniversary of Arnhem.

      • My grandfather married Mary Ednie( who only had a brother) and had two children Anna and Michael.Have you come across.his name before?if you could email the picture I could verify.
        I believe I have already seen a picture of him on your site. He is sitting in full paratrooper uniform on an aircraft waiting to jump.

    • Did your father take any photos of Largo House? The interior especially.

  4. Please keep me “in the loop” on any photos and info on Largo House. I went there today to see where my polish grandfather also trained…

  5. My father Emanuel Wilder (Dr) trained here and subsequently was one of the first Doctors to parachute into Belsen when it was liberated. I have so many stories to tell of this great man, and would appreciate any knowledge of him being in leven house.
    My kindest regards
    Dennis Emanuel Wilder

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