Culross Abbey


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Culross Abbey

This site is situated on a hillside overlooking the town of Culross. The Cistercian Abbey was founded by Malcolm the 7th Earl of Fife in 1215 for the monks of Kinloss, Moray. Although the church was built in the thirteenth century the conventual buildings were not built until the early fourteenth century. In the late fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries the membership of the monastery was restricted to choir monks, leaving the nave redundant. Therefore, in roughly 1500 the nave was removed and the tower was added. The church and abbey buildings were abandoned after the Reformation (1560). The choir of the abbey church was then taken over as the Parish Church, officially replacing the West Kirk (site number: 1641) as the parish church by an Act of Parliament in 1633.

In its current state the site consists of ruinous sections of the east, south and west ranges of the cloister, the 1647 manse (built on the site of the northern part of the west range) and Culross Abbey Parish Church. The church and manse are A-listed and the remains of the abbey buildings are protected as a Scheduled Monument.

from Scottish Church Heritage Research website



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