Bob Godfrey

…   I was sad to hear Bob Godfrey had died …

He was a talented, creative and fun-loving man.
Not to mention hugely influential in the animation world.


When I worked for the BFI he would give talks or run workshops
for all age groups and loved interacting and talking with the participants.
Last time I saw him was about ten years ago
but I will always remember him with great affection.

And no one will ever forget Roobarb & Custard or Henry’s Cat



~ by marysia on 23 February 2013.

2 Responses to “Bob Godfrey”

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  2. Wey hey Marysia. I have been looking at your pics… Honest.., hiw’s the Scottish winter going, and what news on the flat?
    Bob Godfrey was one of our bisting tutors at college. “why use more than 3 drawings a second” was his advice… briiliant advice for an animation course.
    Our animation dept worked on a Henry’s cat spoof in 24 hr work in, protesting against something…. Cuts or saving daylight hours… Some student cause. Well I hope you are well. X Tim

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