Pittenweem Harbour

… I love walking to the end of the harbour arm
and staring out to sea …

… but not any more …

… what’s going on?
…. they can’t do that …

~ by marysia on 12 November 2012.

3 Responses to “Pittenweem Harbour”

  1. Its easy, you just duck under the barrier! Then if you fall in its your own fault…but someone will still come along to fish you out. You’ve got to get in the groove “Bless H & S. But then just get on with life” Kx

  2. The sign is up because the breakwater is crumbling into the sea after the all the sou’east gales we have had since october. Its there for your safty. There is a crack half way up that you can fit a wheelie bin in and goes right thru from side to side. Hence the Danger sign. As for the comment about being fished out. Its muppets like you that cost people in real danger there life’s as there is only one life boat in the area. Regards Local fisherman.

    • Am nay a muppit matey! Live alang the braes and have been tirling around Pittenweem Harbour since the ’50s – so I’m a ‘user’ too. Perhaps you would like a strong post and rail fence around the WHOLE harbour? Of course it might impede your fishy landings..but would be reel good for H&S. Think whit the papers wid make out of that!

      And anyway whits this wi’the crumbling breakwater? But – of course it was built ‘last century’….them engineers just didnae get it richt! And now the ‘engineers’ are busy on the sewige pipe alang the West Shore – jetting it; they didnae get the sewige pumping station richt when they built it – but then it wis built in the ‘last century’.

      Cannae beat the Stevenson harbour…

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