Loch Leven

Loch Leven lies in Scotland’s central lowland belt, between Edinburgh and Perth. The loch is surrounded by hills – the Ochils, the Lomonds, Cleish, Benarty and Bishops Hills. It’s a wonderful place to go walking or cycling on a good day or even on a grey day (see previous post). You can walk all the way round, about 8kms.

Lochleven Castle stands on an island in the loch. Originally the site of a Pictish fort, there are now the remains of a 14th century tower house/castle. The castle was used as a prison by Robert the Bruce and, of course, this is where Mary Queen of Scots was imprisoned in 1567 until she escaped in 1568.

It’s not the most brilliant panorama – comprising three photos taken with my Blackberry – but I wanted to show some of the scale and beauty of this place.


~ by marysia on 31 August 2012.

2 Responses to “Loch Leven”

  1. I recall a bird sanctuary on one side of the loch. And on the other side there was a small air strip where gliders were towed into the air. Are they still there?

  2. Yes both still there.
    Here’s a link to a map of the area:

    Click to access LLHT_map.pdf

    There’s an RSPB shop and cafe with binoculars for looking out across the loch. It used to be called Vane Farm. There’s a link here:
    There are also some other hides and cafes dotted around the edge which I’ve yet to explore.
    Last visit I walked passed the gliding school and it must have been a good day for gliding because they were up and down all day.

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