Henryk Michalski

… I love old photos …
… and am happy to have inspired someone else
to rummage through their photo collection …

… these were sent to me by the granddaughter of
Henryk Michalski
who served in the First Independent Polish Parachute Brigade …

… Dora and Henryk Michalski …
… somewhere along the Fife coast …
…. standing by defences built by the Polish Army …

… parachute training near Largo c.1943 …

… If anyone remembers Henryk Michalski
I’m sure his granddaughter would love to hear from you …

… my exhibition TRACES is on till 23rd August …

~ by marysia on 19 August 2012.

5 Responses to “Henryk Michalski”

  1. hi I have been metal detecting around the old range at shell bay for the last year and have managed to unearth a fair collection of ww2 relics you may be interested in seeing .

  2. Hi my name is Diane, I am doing my family’s genealogy .

    Henryk May be my uncle. From my understanding he was in the Polish army.
    My mother Irene Michalski – Kolodziej, and Waclawa Michalski (his sisters) were refugees from Poland at young teen ages

    Their father Tadeusz and mother Jadwiga Adamczyk-Michalski

    Oh I do hope there is a connection between us

    Hope to here from you soon. Email: dlscooks@yahoo.com

  3. Dear Marysia,
    Was Henryk born in 1927?

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