Digital Legacy and other stories

Today I went to Duncan Jordanstone College in Dundee
to attend some lectures by leading people in the worlds of art and design
who have recently become honorary professors of the college

Martin Boyce – intriguing
Turner Prize winning sculptor speaking about his work
and his photography

Helen Storey – inspiring
talking about her collaborations between science and fashion
Catalyctic Clothing

 but by far the most thought provoking for me was
Richard Banks, a senior interaction designer for Microsoft talking about digital legacies

… since being left a box of old photos by his grandfather he’s become interested in
what form and how the digital world will be left for future generations …

His recent book – The Future Looking Back –
covers much of what he covered about memory, shared and personal histories, creating personal timelines with multiple perspectives, the importance of objects, reviewing and organising material, the quantity of material created digitally  …

watch video (not from today’s talk but very similar)

Imagine being able to have someone’s old desktop and all their files on your computer – that could be your inheritance and way of remembering them … but what about all that stuff you don’t want others to see? Unless it’s bequeathed to you, it seems rather intrusive. and what about all that stuff that is filed somewhere remotely? What happens to that when you’re no longer there to deal with it?

Fascinating stuff.

The degree shows open tomorrow
so I guess that means another trip to Dundee …


~ by marysia on 17 May 2012.

One Response to “Digital Legacy and other stories”

  1. Nice to see you are keeping busy, who ever said moving to fife would put you into a cultural wasteland, (bar the ruubbish on beach).

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