Buddo Rock

 An amazing outcrop of sandstone near Boarhills
on the coast between Crail and St Andrews

… like giant carved heads …

… eroded by the sea over the years …

… I considered clambering to the top
and then thought of that film 127 Hours
and the howling wind and decided against it …

… some great colours …

… and shapes …

… almost squidgy like a sponge …

… and, of course, I saw faces everywhere …

… although none looked very happy …

~ by marysia on 30 April 2012.

One Response to “Buddo Rock”

  1. S–U–P–E–R–B – what a site ! Never saw so many spooks gathered in one place; “well seen”! Bet you were looking over your shoulder a lot up there … :-)))

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