Lathockar POW Camp

… some lovely derelict buildings …

… not sure of the details of this camp but
probably home for German POWs during the war
and post-war for Ukranians
or possibly Poles who couldn’t return home …

~ by marysia on 29 April 2012.

7 Responses to “Lathockar POW Camp”

  1. that’s what you can truly call an organic toilet… 😉

    good eye, great location, wonderful photography

  2. Just went to Bletchley Park today – our so-called national treasure – and parts of it are almost as bas as this! They hav ejust got a lottery grant though to preserve it… They are celebrating the Polish troops soon in a special weekend soon and our guide was at pains to teel us about their contribution during the war

  3. All history because the pow camp has just been demolished!

  4. My father was a German POW here. I have just been told the name of the camp so it special to see some photos of the building. Thank you, Lorraine

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