Gallery Visit

Yesterday I visited the Ingleby Gallery in Edinburgh for the first time
I recommend it

My absolute favourite piece was The Hidden Place by Thomas A Clark 

a map of Scotland in which the place names are given in their original meaning

My mother always called her home village “the place of the cave”,
but now I’m intrigued and want to visit other places
such as “the glen of terror” and “the field of sighing”

I love the shapes in Andrew Miller’s wonderful lampshade sculpture
and now wish I’d kept all those old plastic lampshades from our old house

and I was so excited by James Hugonin’s
astonishing 30 colour screenprints
(having done my first ever screenprint in only 3 colours myself recently)
that the curator took me downstairs to see an original painting …
I admire that man’s patience and attention to detail,
not to mention his steady hand

~ by marysia on 9 March 2012.

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