Burns Birthplace Museum

Yesterday I took a trip out to Alloway with a friend to visit
the Robert Burns Birthplace Museum.

Well worth the visit if you’re in the area or like the man himself.
The museum is just the right size, ie, manageable without getting too tired (old age!!)

There are  lots of interactive exhibits which are probably designed for kids but, of course, I tried them all. My excuse being I have an MA in Interactive Multimedia Design so I need to see what’s happening and how!  Below is my favourite – a silhouette of Pat and I. We had a right giggle trying to squeeze into the booth in the right positions so we could both be in the photo. We almost had it right but then a party of school kids came along and we got embarrassed and moved on to the next exhibit!

The cafe is great and surprisingly reasonable for a National Trust cafe.
And there’s as much to do outside as inside.

If only it hadn’t been such a dreich day,
it would have been nice to wander over the Brig o’ Doon.

But we did find some amazing old gravestones
in the auld kirk yard where his father is buried …

… not sure what the hour glass motif means but it was on several gravestones …

On the way home we were intrigued by this sign
and went in search of bachelors …

 Sadly it was closed so we had to go home alone …
… story of my life!
… nonetheless it was a grand day out …

~ by marysia on 24 February 2012.

One Response to “Burns Birthplace Museum”

  1. The hour glass is a momento mori, reminder not to waste time in frivolous pursuits, visiting Rab’s gaff definitely not being one of those. As if a grave itself were not enough…

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