Doll Face


Last night I started a Toray printing course at the Print Room, Dundee Contemporary Arts (DCA) – my favourite place in Dundee.

Toray printing is a waterless lithographic process. To me it seemed a bit like photo-etching which I’ve done before but I imagined this would be simpler … oh no, it’s not! It’s actually quite hard work rubbing off the silicone from the metal plate.  As you may notice from my doll’s face print I didn’t do it very well. However, I also stopped because I liked the rough scratches adding an even more sinister dimension to what most people seem to think is already a sinister image.

Preparing any photo (or drawing) and exposing onto the plate is quick and easy so I guess the little bit of  elbow grease involved in preparing the plate for the inking is worth it. No pain no gain. But I now realise that you can be very creative in your rubbing and contrary to what my tutor thought, my first attempt was not a botched attempt but rather fab. Indeed I was rather impressed that I got any kind of print on the first night so am looking forward to what I can achieve over the next three weeks.


~ by marysia on 16 February 2012.

One Response to “Doll Face”

  1. Ooh I like it. But it will give mr nightmares!

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