Textile Design course

Last weekend I did a two day course as an introduction to textile design. I’m thinking about how my photos can be turned into textiles or incorporated into textile hangings and this course was perfect. Not only was it creative and fun but Weft where it took place is situated in the heart of the very inspiring Pittenweem harbour. The tutor, Linda Green, was great and made sure the course was relevant to the two students. Yes, it was like a tailor-made course. We had such fun being messy with bits of paper and paints, inks, wax, dyes … We also went out and took a few photos around the harbour: my theme was ‘edge’ although I seemed to photograph the gaps between different edges.

But the most exciting part of the weekend was when I got to use the loom and actually weave with some of my painted bits of screwed up paper. Wow. So brilliant! I now see how I can weave with my photos but not sure what I’ll create yet.

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~ by marysia on 14 February 2012.

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