Wojtek: The Bear that Went to War

BBC Scotland showed this interesting documentary last week and it is available on BBC iplayer (although only until today):

Wojtek The Bear That Went to War

Good to hear some voices who actually remember the bear and some wonderful archive photos and film.

The documentary was made by Braidmade Films and the dvd is available from their website.

And more info here:


Such an amazing story.

I’ve blogged about Wojtek before here and here and in the comments to this latter one you’ll also see there’s an historical novel out based around Wojtek’s adventures called Private Wojtek Soldier Bear by Krystyna Mikula-Deegan available on Amazon.

~ by marysia on 6 January 2012.

3 Responses to “Wojtek: The Bear that Went to War”

  1. Hi Marysia
    Lovely photo of little Wojtek!
    Thanks for the mention.
    Krysia M.D.

  2. Just finished reading this delightful book. A great tribute to the fine men of the Polish forces that fought so bravely, and lived life with such passion and enthusiasm. Their relationship with this amazing bear demonstrastes their indomnitable spirit, and camaraderie. Such a shame that we as a nation practically ditched them when the war was over. Do read this charming book which is beautifully and sensitively written as a tribute to the men and bear who went to capture Monte Cassino. Cudownia! Roger

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