Pendragon Recordings

I had the privilege of being a Photographer in Residence at Pendragon School until I moved to Scotland. What a great place. The kids have a range of special needs but are encouraged to fulfill their potential by not only following the curriculum but being encouraged to take part in a range of creative activities where they can fully express themselves.

Over the last few months the pupils have been creating Pendragon Recordings. A collaboration of tunes between students of Pendragon School, young people from Kids Company and guest artists from the music industry. All profits from album sales will go to Kids Company.
The album features Pendragon pupils alongside: Driis (Idris Elba), Drastick, Mosi Conde, Stomp, Gentleman’s Dub Club, Urban Voodoo Machine, Claire Egan (E.N.O), Mr Gee, The Choir With No Name, Polsky, The Burbs, Collectress, Fusing Naked Beats, Hares (Robb Skipper) and The Ukulele Orchestra Of Great Britain.

Yesterday the album was launched at the Barbican Centre in London and is now available to download. You should all take a listen to this. It’s amazing. The school motto is Anything Is Possible and this project just proves how true that is.

Listen here

Sadly I left before the Pendragon Recordings really got underway but I did sit in on one of the early discussions taking place in the Media Suite at the school.  Celyn, Gemma and Chris – the amazing team that made this happen.




The saddest thing though is that the school is being knocked down and some of the kids will go into mainstream rather than back to the newly rebuilt school. Will they get the same opportunities? Will they achieve so much? I wonder …

Pinhole image of the school taken by a couple of pupils
– I doubt that building still stands

We set up a darkroom, built the cameras and took the photos.

Talented kids.


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  1. Thank you so much, lovely words.. Gemma xx

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