Andrzeki Inspired

St Andrew may be the patron saint of Scotland but he is also very popular in Poland – yet another link between the two countries.

In Poland the eve of St Andrew’s Day, ie, 29th November, is traditionally a time for foretelling the future. Girls (generally boys don’t get involved in this) gather together, melt candles, pour the hot wax through a key into cold water and read their future from the shape that forms in the water by holding it up to a light and analysing the shadow. Of course, it’s also a good excuse for a party.

See photos and more background here.

Well, I got together with  a few friends and we did the first bit but then got creative photographing the bits of wax. Here’s a couple of examples. The shapes and translucent nature of the wax produce brilliant images – ghostly shapes and faces appear.


photos courtesy of Tricia Anderson

For the record – my wax shape resembled the head of a dolphin … the next day I discovered a lovely seal pup on the beach … and I did a WWF quiz to find my inner animal and it turned out to be a sea lion … and I took some photos of a stream inspired by the wax shapes  … there’s definitely something watery going on!

~ by marysia on 2 December 2011.

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