Wojtek the Soldier Bear

I recently blogged the story of Wojtek – my blog post

There’s a documentary film screening of
Wojtek the Bear that Went to War

at Riverside Studios, London
followed by a Q&A with veterans.

Should be good. Shame I’ll miss it.

~ by marysia on 4 November 2011.

5 Responses to “Wojtek the Soldier Bear”

  1. Hi Marysia, Czesc!
    I’ve just had a book (historical fiction) published about Wojtek and participated in a WW2 exhibition, organised by our Klub Polski, a university and library.
    I’m sure our Klub Polski manageress would love to do another project, as we were just discussing that the other day!
    Do get in touch.

    • What is your book called?
      Which university and Klub Polski is it?
      Be interested in more details.

      • Hi Marysia
        Just got your e-mail, thank you. Your photos look great!
        The title of my book is `Private Wojtek Soldier Bear, and is available on Amazon, or at Waterstone’s and W.H Smith.
        I’m just about to write an article for a Polish magazine (Goniec), which is due to be published next week, so I’ll have to get back to you!
        Best wishes,

      • Hi Marysia
        Hope you got my e-mail last night in response to yours. If you decide to buy/borrow (from a library) my book `Private Wojtek Soldier Bear’, that would be wonderful!
        The `In War & Peace’ exhibition was held at our Polish Club in Birmingham and the best person to contact about that would be our lovely manageress there, Anna Gibson.
        I’m sure she would be very happy to help you.
        The exhibition is currently running at the Central Library.
        Best wishes,

  2. […] blogged about Wojtek before here and here and in the comments to this latter one you’ll also see there’s an historical novel […]

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