The Heartwood event has been going for four years. A group of seven Scottish-born artists came together through a shared passion in making art in response to the natural environment. Each year they make new work to be exhibited in the Monkquell Woods and each year they also invite other artists to participate. Wandering through the woods you encounter installations and art pieces using all manner of materials from clay, tin, wood, fabric, mirrors, and even balloons.

I enjoyed the whole event but the live casting was amazing – huge bellows warming a fire in which to melt and mould tin sculptures. But my absolute favourite was by Elodie Lefebvre. At first I thought there was nothing there but then I saw the gold glinting in the fading light. Felled tree trunks had been painted with gold. It made me think of the value we put on forests and that perhaps we don’t always see the intrinsic value of what we’re looking at. But actually the work is inspired by a Japanese tradition that when an object is broken, the missing piece is restored with gold leaf or even replaced in gold. Elodie has taken this into the natural environment where everything lives, transforms and recomposes. It was a thought provoking piece.

More info on the Heartwood website: http://www.heartwoodartists.com/2011.php

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~ by marysia on 2 September 2011.

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