Polish White Eagle

This is one of my dad’s photos.
The parachute in the corner makes me wonder if it was at Largo House?
Is it a sculpture … or a big cake?!

Or is it at Tentsmuir?
or one of the other East Neuk villages?
or even in Germany?

I love this one of dad playing in the snow with his pipe in his mouth
and it is almost certainly in Germany.

~ by marysia on 30 August 2011.

5 Responses to “Polish White Eagle”

  1. A really nice project you have going here, I hope you learn a lot from looking back at your dad’s photos and finding out more about the Polish soldiers in Fife in WWII. Good luck.

  2. I think I recognise my dad in this photo – 4th from the right: RTL Kulagowski, PIPB number 0183.

  3. How fantastic! Do you know where it might have been taken?

  4. mi abuelo pertenecio al Primer Escuadron de Paracaidstas Polacos,su nombre era Nicolas Kuczynski

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