Scottish Galleries of Modern Art

Yesterday I headed to Edinburgh to see this exhibition. A few years back I saw Sugimoto’s beautiful seascapes at the Serpentine in London. The images in this exhibition are literally electrifying. Sugimoto is inspired by early photographers – the exhibition also contains his prints of Fox Talbots very early experiments with capturing a photographic image. The images in Lightning Fields were produced by placing photographic paper on a metal plate and then sending a 100,000 volt electrical charge across the plate. The images are like lightening flashes or weird creatures from a Tim Burton film or the fine web of blood vessels in the body or ….. simply stunningly beautiful.

See more here:

I was also impressed with the cafes at the two galleries – yes I tried them both, one for lunch and one for afternoon tea! It was a dull, murky day in Edinburgh so the sculptures in the grounds were not seen at their best but well worth a look.

But the toilets were a bit of a shock – and gave me an instant migraine!










~ by marysia on 13 August 2011.

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