Mosaic Test

I’ve been doing a few tests today on how my photos will look when displayed and have done the following two mini mosaics. Obviously there are hundreds of images making up the image but you can’t really see them here.

I prefer the red one because the original image of the Polish eagle is taken from a stencil which was a page in a photo album created by a Pole back in the 1940s. The eagle for the other one is taken from a photo of a cap badge. Obviously the red and white reflects the Polish flag which probably makes more sense than the b/w image (although it’s not b/w it’s actually full colour).

But let me know what you think.


~ by marysia on 31 May 2011.

6 Responses to “Mosaic Test”

  1. I prefer the b/w one – the red one hurts my eyes. Carol

  2. I prefer the B/W one, but get what you mean re colours of the flag. SJ

  3. I obviously prefer the red one, for a number of reasons, but mainly because it’s more vibrant and therefore inspires hope and an ongoing story. The black one infers the past and there’s a certain sadness to it. I personally think that we build on the past and shouldn’t get stuck in it. That said I do like them both(but red is my favourite colour so I admit to being a little bias!)

  4. I like the red one cos the eagle is more expansive on the page,and also the story behind wher ethe image came from

  5. I prefer the red one too – more like the Polish eagle, good strong broad wings. I like the textures as well – it appears to be more feathery and has a pronounced tail!

    By the way have been through Newburgh a couple of times recently – those scarecrows..hmmm…..

    Awaiting your flit up here!

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