Dunino Den

An incredibly beautiful place.

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A religious site in ancient and current times: the nearby Dunino Church is possibly built on an ancient stone circle and people still leave monetary offerings to the gods on a stone in the churchyard. Allegedly the minister won’t touch the money. It seems that Christian churches are often built on pagan worship grounds in an effort to stamp out the wild Wicker Man type rituals.
The rockpool at the top of the den is apparently where human sacrifices were made to appease the gods. The blood collected in the pool and the bones were thrown down to the Kinaldy Burn below amidst much chanting and wailing. A celtic cross is carved into the wall – no one knows when but probably fairly recently. Other markings in the rocks and strange rock formations all add to the very intense atmosphere of the place: some say they feel or hear things around the carvings. Recently people have started to hang prayer flags, dreamcatchers and other objects on the trees.
There’s a bit more info here:

~ by marysia on 13 April 2011.

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