Leven Parade

Approximately 70 years ago, a brigade of Polish paratroopers
marched down the Promenade at Leven passed the Beach Hotel  …
… they may have been coming from Silverburn
up the road where there was a Polish camp …

… today the Beach Hotel has turned into a retirement home …

… but the road looks pretty similar apart from a few more houses …

… the band played on … and they marched on …
round the corner for a parade and inspection …
(by whom?)

… today that parade ground is the Leven Links course …
… but the houses in the background are the same
and that’s how we tracked down where the photo was taken …

… in Festival Gardens next to what was the Beach Hotel
there’s a memorial to the strong Polish-Scottish connection in this area …

… the “Polish-Scottish” children are reading the following plaque …


Thanks to Steve and Elsie Pemberton
without whom I’d never have pieced this all together
and for supplying some of the above
photos which belonged to his father who was also
in the 1st Polish Independent Parachute Brigade



~ by marysia on 30 March 2011.

3 Responses to “Leven Parade”

  1. What a great selection of photos – you must be thrilled with how it is all going. xx

  2. I am the little girl in the photograph and the boy is Graeme Paterson, son of the editor then of the East Fife Mail. Remember the day vividly.

  3. Wow! How wonderful. Such a sweet photo. Thanks for getting in touch.

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