I adored my red handbag!

As I was watching Sabrina the other day, it reminded me of playing imaginary games with my best friend, Christine. We always changed our names – sometimes I was ‘Rose’ (I don’t know why) but my surname was always ‘Larrabee’ after Humphrey Bogart in Sabrina who I also adored … but not as much as my red handbag that went everywhere with me.

But the weird thing about memory is that I remember remembering that several years ago when I watched Sabrina. I had a “ah ha” moment remembering why I’d called myself ‘Larrabee’. But I don’t actually remember those games and my names any more. And although that’s rather sad, more disturbing is the fact that my old memories are being replaced by new memories of my original memories. Is that normal?



~ by marysia on 18 February 2011.

One Response to “Memory”

  1. Or memories of things that have never happened that seem so real you cant believe they didn’t. Bourne Conspiracy eat your heart out!

    Nature’s way of helping us ot live in the present?

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