Still Nail-less

I’ve opened all my presents … but no I didn’t get new toenails for Christmas.

But no nails means no pain … and that makes me happy.

~ by marysia on 27 December 2010.

7 Responses to “Still Nail-less”

  1. Festive greetings Marysia… hope you got my festive ecard…..hope you are having a good time. I can see the bottom of this photo in my browser but I refuse to scroll down to see the toes…… I want to see inspirational photography… bad toes are wrong…. I can happily watch heart surgery and AE programmes but these feet…… nothing personal.

    Ps I still can’t figure out what your ID photo is… I’m guessing Ayres Rock…
    have a good new year. Tim x

    • Yes lovely card thank you.
      I totally agree re the toes but people kept asking me what my toes looked like now so I thought best way to deal with the question was to pop up a photo. I promise no more!
      It’s the Bass Rock taken from Pittenweem.
      Happy New Year. Mx

  2. I think the bottom left pinkish purple pebble in your right hand top picture looks a lot like your redesigned big toes.

  3. Hi Marysia, I stumbled across your blog! I’m not sure about how you become toeless but I am also toeless.. It’s nice to see that I’m not alone.. I’m 19 and have been hdidng this for about 5 years and toe confidence is just another issue for me. Are you still toeless or have you found anything to do about please?!?

  4. *nailless i meant to say, apologies.

    • Not exactly nail-less any more but still won’t show my toes in public as “nails” more like claws and rather hideous. Apparently I can get them removed again but presumably some sort of growth would still form.

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