Discovering the Past

I’m always intrigued by stories about Soviet Gulags and incredible journeys through Siberia. My father never really talked about his own journey to the UK and I guess that’s why I keep trying to piece together his experience but I’ll never really know what he went through.

I read The Long Walk a few years ago and am looking forward to seeing how Peter Weir has translated it into a film. Epic journeys based on a reality always make a good story. Does it matter how true it is? It’s certainly based on experience and I think it’s important to remember that people did suffer, escape and endure unbelievable hardships during this time. We’ll maybe never know whose journey this was but the controversy just makes it all the more intriguing. For more info see this article on BBC news: How the Long Walk became The Way Back

Walking with Shadows by Josef Tarnowski is another book about this period but follows this man’s journey from Poland through Siberia to Scotland which is very similar to my father’s story. Indeed they both ended up as paratroopers based in Fife. Maybe they knew each other? I’d love to know.

If anyone reading this has contacts or information on the Polish Army in Fife during WW2, please get in touch, as I’m working towards an exhibition next year to mark the 70th Anniversary of the creation of the 1st Polish Independent Parachute Brigade in Fife in Sept 1941.


~ by marysia on 17 December 2010.

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