Lee Stork

Today I discovered that Lee Stork (animation producer) had died earlier this year at the age of 97 years. I didn’t know Lee that well and I hadn’t seen him for a long time but I’ll never forget him. I met him when I was working at the Museum of the Moving Image and involved with the Animator in Residence scheme. Lee invited me out for lunch one day and told me that I had a film in me and I must allow myself to be creative but all in my own time. I laughed and said I had a lot of photos in me but probably not a film. Almost twenty years later I am devoting more time to my photography and am thinking about a short film … the man knew what he was talking about! He was the calmest, most inspiring and nurturing man I ever met and without his very gentle nudging I may never have taken time out to do my MA and to think more about my photography.

One day when we met for lunch he said “I have a golden treasure for you” and handed me a beautiful autumnal leaf. I think I still have it pressed in a book somewhere. Today as I walked in the snow, I took this photo in memory of him.

To read his obituary: Lee Stork


~ by marysia on 3 December 2010.

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