HOME exhibition

The biscuit tin was a key feature of my parent’s home.

… and so rightly it takes centre stage at my small exhibition on the theme of Home …

… and, yes, of course, it has biscuits in it …

… the other photos taken in the family home are framed on wallpaper from the home …

… ‘very kitsch’ someone said … I like to think ‘still stylish’ …


It’s on at the Viewfinder Gallery in Brixton Village market till 6 November …

… get down there before the biscuits run out!

~ by marysia on 21 October 2010.

2 Responses to “HOME exhibition”

  1. Where was the lime green painted skirting board by the manual vac? Can t work that out! Lovely presentation very wacky love it well done M x

  2. Thank you. That green skirting was in the little junk room above the front door. The rest of the room was so sort of yellow so you would have loved it! Mx

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