The flag of Scotland

A beautiful sight flying in the breeze …

This weekend I went to the birthplace of the Scottish flag … Athelstaneford …

According to legend, it was here that in 823AD on the eve of a battle between a joint army of Picts and the Scots against the Angles and Saxons, the High King of Alba, Angus MacFergus, had a vision of St Andrew. The next day on the battlefield a white diagonal cross (saltire) appeared in the brilliant blue sky. St Andrew had been crucified on such a cross. They won the battle and from that day forward the emerging country of Scotland adopted the white Saltire on an azure background as its national emblem.

Nestled in the rolling hills of East Lothian, the village is named after Athelstan, the leader of the Northumbrians, who fell at that same battle.

It’s not far from North Berwick
from where there are wonderful views of the Bass Rock …

… possibly better views on a less cloudy day …

It was kind of weird looking across the Forth towards Fife
rather than the other way round.

Treacle didn’t really care where we looked …

… as long as he could play on the beach …
…  say that last word quietly otherwise his ears will bounce up
and his little face will beg you to take him there …

~ by marysia on 13 July 2010.

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