Lee Miller lecture

I had an image here of the flyer advertising this event.
I’ve removed it due to the comment below from the Lee Miller Archive.

Very surprised by their reaction as not making any money from the blog or their image
and could more positively be viewed as promoting interest in LM’s work.
But that’s the way of the world now.


Last night I went to a lecture about Lee Miller given by her son, Anthony Penrose. It was really interesting to get a personal insight into her life. They had spent much of their lives at loggerheads and even out of communication with each other but reconciled in her later years. Anthony tours the world with her archive and is an excellent speaker. He was in Scotland opening a Surrealist exhibition in Edinburgh so we were lucky to have him in Pittenweem.

I saw the exhibition of her work at the V&A a few years ago which was good but this was more memorable with the mix of personal stories and less well-known images. She was an admirable woman for her talent, spirit and independence. As a war correspondent, she was amongst the first to enter several of the Nazi concentration camps. The photos are harrowing and astonishing to think that she could take them whilst others around her were throwing up. A world away from the modelling life and world of artists she had enjoyed in Paris. Apparently, traumatised as a child, throughout her life she was able to take herself out of her body whenever life made it necessary – the camps being such a time.

The talk was held in a beautiful setting – the old Baptist church in Pittenweem which has been tastefully converted into a place where artists can develop projects. I’ve been dying to get a look in there for ages!

More info here:  http://www.leemiller.co.uk/Main.aspx

as well as details of the house she shared with Surrealist Roland Penrose which is open to the public.


~ by marysia on 13 July 2010.

One Response to “Lee Miller lecture”

  1. I am the rights manager of the Lee Miller Archives. It has been brought to my attention that the above image has been illegally used in your blog. Whilst we appreciate your enthusiasm for Lee Miller’s work the image is under copyright.
    Please contact me immediately.
    I look forward to receiving your reply.

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