Drummond Castle and Gardens

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Drummond Castle lies just south of Crieff in Perthshire. It is one of  the finest formal gardens in Europe (allegedly) and is renowned for its Italianate parterre gardens. The lands were granted to Sir Malcolm Drummond who fought at Bannockburn (1314) with Robert the Bruce. Over the years the castle and grounds have taken different forms but  it is Sir John Drummond who is credited with laying out the gardens in the 1600s with a major restoration and remodelling in the 1800s by 1st Earl of Ancaster (descendants on the female branch of the Drummond family). The gardens mix French and Italian influences to create an absolutely stunning landscape. Today the gardens are smaller than they once were and maintained by a modest staff who appear to love their job (well, those we spoke to did anyway). The castle is residential so we couldn’t snoop around it. Bit of a shame but at least it’s still in use and not derelict as many castle in Scotland are.

~ by marysia on 9 July 2010.

5 Responses to “Drummond Castle and Gardens”

  1. Love the close-ups especially. What a lot of clipping they have to do! Shears or electric trimmers?

  2. Lovely garden, shame we can’t go and stay there and strut around like we own the place. Great pics

    • Actually if you get there early enough, as Nicky and I did, we were some of the first people in so we did feel it was our private garden!

  3. Lovely! Particularly like the bottom x

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