Today I went for a walk along the Tay and marvelled at how the area had changed in a month – lots more nettles. My blog tonight was going to be comparing May and June photos but then I came across this really creepy photo and had to share it with you.

At first I thought someone was standing behind the wall and wondered why I hadn’t noticed him before. So I looked a bit closer …

So, now it looks like Vincent Price or some creepy scarred fellow from a horror movie.
And, as in all good horror films, I do what you’re not meant to, and go closer …

Aaaaaahhh … it is some frightening grinning white ghoul coming out of the ground …
I’m lucky to be alive!

PS: I have just enlarged the photo – no photoshop involved.

PPS: Do you think I need glasses or maybe just have an over-active imagination?


~ by marysia on 28 June 2010.

One Response to “Ghouls”

  1. Fab foto. Looks more like a great big spooky cock to me!! XX

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