Newburgh Highland Games 2

It was a beautiful day for the Highland Games in Newburgh.

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I really admire those young dancers. They work so hard at it. And it’s tough as they have to win medals to go up in the various levels. The judges looked rather severe – as did the the tight buns all the girls heads. Most of them did several dances and had a whole wardrobe of costumes – the tents belong to the families and act as changing rooms for the girls. If you go wrong or lose your place, you have to stand still whilst the others finish. It was heartbreaking when one of the little ones stopped … and there were tears off stage. Poor little things. I’m not sure what the fist shaking is all about in the Irish dance but it was very effective as were their expressions.

Interestingly the men taking part in the heavy events seemed to be Swiss, Polish and other nationalities but none were Scottish.

There are Highland Games nearly every weekend somewhere and the participants do the circuit. I’m a bit hooked and will probably go to Ceres next weekend. It’s allegedly the oldest games although Newburgh also claims that.

~ by marysia on 22 June 2010.

One Response to “Newburgh Highland Games 2”

  1. Those tartans are amazing, its a whole world I never knew existed, i wish i’d grown up there, would have loved dressing up in that lovely kit

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