Life Drawing Final Class

Tonight was the last class. Bruce showed us a new technique using charcoal and drawing circles with free abandon to create the shape and then working into it. It was brilliant! Poor model looked like Michelin man for a while but then it seemed to take shape. Towards the end we were allowed to put a maximum of 4 lines into it (of course, everyone cheated and put more). It was only a 5 mins pose so dead quick and obviously unfinished but best drawing I’ve ever done. I realise that’s not saying much but it IS good for me.

I don’t know what I’m going to do on Wednesday evenings now. Actually Jim said I could go to his place and he’d make his wife pose for us! Poor woman. But I could also buy my eggs and jam at the same time so might take him up on that offer.

~ by marysia on 16 June 2010.

6 Responses to “Life Drawing Final Class”

  1. I love it. I think you ought to do more drawing/fine art stuff Marysia. You are very good at it. I love this technique!

  2. It’s Tina! wey hey. Looking at Marysia’s nudes at 5.20 am… emm. Liking the line…x
    We used to do life drawing for animation with a slowly moving model, so each drawing was a couple of seconds. They looked rubbish on their own but as an animation would actually work. Eggs and jam though… sounds too Scottish to me!

  3. You could always watch the World Cup! How about some lightning drawings of footballers?

    • I understand the reason my internet connection is slower than usual is because everyone is watching the world cup on line. Get off. Watch the telly.

  4. Your Life drawing are very good, girl. You MUST keep at it. I’m impressed, mine were never that good!

  5. Uh…I just “returned” and I think it sent my comment half written??? ANyway, just in case it did, I don’t want to repeat myself. Just thought the little monsters were real likenesses of the peeps they belong to!! Tee hee. Hello back to Timmy Tim xx

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