Lomond Hills

Today I walked to the top of  West Lomond. I didn’t mean to.  I just went out to find a nice spot to sit and write. But when I got there I couldn’t stop till I got to the top! I love the Lomonds. The air is clean and the views are great – on a clear day. It wasn’t too clear today.

I walked up East Lomond (in the distance) a few days ago.

The sheep kept an eye on me.
There were no lambs – someone must have eaten them.

I needed to write because I had some good news today. FLIP, the magazine of London Independent Photography, are going to showcase my work in their next issue and I couldn’t concentrate at The Steeple. I didn’t even take my camera. Well, that’s a lie. I didn’t take my Canon. I did take two other cameras including my new lomo which I’ve just received from my generous sponsors at the Goat & Pencil. It’s a Diana+. Plastic, of course. It takes 120 roll film and is based on a 1960s camera made in Hong Kong.

I colour co-ordinated with my Diana+ to please my sponsors

~ by marysia on 15 June 2010.

2 Responses to “Lomond Hills”

  1. 🙂

  2. Flipping fantastic news! Speak soon. Nellie xx
    PS: I can’t find my pretty icon.

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