Life Drawing 3

I’ve only one more Life Drawing class left which is a real shame. I think I’ve improved slightly but there’s a LONG way to go. And I should be more patient rather than getting irritated when I can’t get it right. Anyway, I’m enjoying it which is the main thing.

The lying down pose was very difficult and bit mean of Bruce to make Jim and I do that! We’re only beginners. All the people in the class are very nice but Jim is my particular friend because we started together and we’re both complete beginners. It was Jim’s chicken scarecrow that was vandalised and I was surprised to discover that Jim’s wife was the winner of the cherry stone spitting competition and managed a very impressive 3 metres spit. I don’t think I’d have beaten that!

~ by marysia on 10 June 2010.

One Response to “Life Drawing 3”

  1. Spitting image, then?

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