Through the Window

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During May I saw many things through my window.

To begin with, the day I set off for Newburgh, I saw a lot of motorway
and I always love that moment when I cross the border into bonnie Scotland.
My view from The Steeple could be called dull. I certainly don’t have the beautiful views across the Tay that many houses have here. But occasionally I see life out there.

The shutters that keep the dazzling sunshine and the drizzling rain out of sight.
Sadly they do not block out the noise of the milk and the newspapers being delivered across the road at the newsagents every morning at 4am-ish. If only the driver would turn off his engine. The shutters do, on the other hand, when closed mess up the signal to my rather sad tv and turn all (I only get  4 terrestrials at the best of times) the channels into maggots.

~ by marysia on 9 June 2010.

2 Responses to “Through the Window”

  1. Yup, I noticed you hadn’t got double glazing. Lovely pix though.

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