Perth Visual Arts Forum

I’ve had a busy weekend networking.

Saturday there was a Makers Market at The Steeple and I opened my studio. I met some lovely local people, got feedback on my work and sold a few cards and photos. All in all a good day.

Sunday I went up to Birnam to PVAF. It was a full weekend programme of presentations by international artists, networking opportunities and an exhibition. Shame I missed Saturday’s presentations but I did attend an inspiring session by Di Gilpin who makes the most incredible knitted items. Sadly I missed Paddy Hartley’s presentation re his work inspired by the Gillies Archive dealing with WW1, facial disfigurement and plastic surgery but it is one of the most incredibly moving artworks I’ve ever seen. It tells you so much in a really powerful way. In fact I’d seen the exhibition at the National Army Museum – but if you haven’t seen it, you must look at the website.

I also attended a mentoring/discussion session on collaboration which was lead by Edwards & Johann, New Zealand based artists who are currently on a residency at Perth Museum. It was very positive and inspiring and now I’ve met some other local artists who are keen to talk about projects. Actually one of them has a studio next door to me in Newburgh but I’d never met her.

The Road Not Taken artwork on the wall at Birnam Arts Centre

Sadly all that networking meant I missed the Newburgh Funday and parade. I’m not quite sure where the scarecrows went and I’m particularly upset that I missed the cherry stone spitting competition because I reckon I would have won that. I grew up with a cherry tree in the garden and I distinctly remember sitting in classrooms at school spitting stones out the window to hit girls in the playground. And, dear reader, I wasn’t alone – you know who you are but I won’t out you. Anyway, you can see some photos and a couple of short videos of the Funday event which took place in the ruins of Lindores Abbey by clicking on Peter’s blog:

~ by marysia on 7 June 2010.

3 Responses to “Perth Visual Arts Forum”

  1. Does that mean we’re both going to prison now? I seem to remember you hit more targets than me so my sentence should be lighter!

  2. How curious; I was only today discussing the Witches of Eastwick.

  3. If I go, you’re coming with me … and I believe Pittenweem was one of the last places to burn witches so I better be careful on subsequent trips … maybe that’s why I feel it is my spiritual home!

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