Today I’m thinking about my dear friend Marielle who was hit by a car at high speed and is lying in a hospital. It sounds like she’s coming out of the coma and is now in a deep sleep. I hope her zest for life and all the love and support she has from friends and family, pull her through this.

I’m also thinking about my friend Hilary, her boys, Jack and Charlie, and particularly her mum, Joan.  John, Joan’s husband for over 50 years, died peacefully in his sleep this week.


~ by marysia on 28 May 2010.

2 Responses to “Reflection”

  1. Beautiful words for what must be very challenging times. Take care Missy and clearly my thoughts go out to your friends…. Makes us realise how fortunate we are, we must not take for granted our lives, our friendships, our happiness, our energy, those special moments. Keep safe gorgeous.

  2. Oh M I am so sorry about Marielle, we’ll all keep thinking positive for her and you too, we feel such pain when our friends are ill, hurt or sad x

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