Colour Lomos

Just got my colour film back. Do I prefer colour or b/w?  Personally I’m going to plump for the b/w lomos but you may feel differently.  These were taken around Newburgh on one of my many walks around the village and along the footpaths along the Tay River.

My home and studio at The Steeple

Sunset in the park that used to be a linoleum factory

Sunset on the water looking up towards Dundee

I love the reed banks – just wish that silly person would get her head out of the way.
I keep forgetting how wide a fisheye is.

The reeds are kind of magical and creepy at the same time: full of sounds that whistle through them in the breeze, birds that sing and then dive bomb you to protect their nests and trampled paths that lead nowhere and were made by who knows who. I often think of smugglers as I wander along here although as far as I know I’ve not encountered any yet.

Another idyllic evening


~ by marysia on 19 May 2010.

2 Responses to “Colour Lomos”

  1. I love Idyllic Evening. It looks like a 19th century lantern slide (or does it? you’d know better than me).

  2. Yes, I agree re lantern slides. I love that one. I’m planning a series of some of the buildings in Newburgh as they would make a very good lantern collection. Maybe I’ll make up a story to go with them.

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