Me and My Cameras …

… walking along the Billowness between Pittenweem and Anstruther in search of evidence of WWII, golf balls and fresh air.  Plenty of all those things. My rather fetching look is the result of not having a hat and long hair that gets in front of the lens all the time as the north easterly wind blows.

Unfortunately the brownie jammed 3/4 of the way through a roll of film but I think it just needs a bit of oil. And the lomo was much admired by the kids fishing in Pittenweem harbour who thought it was ‘cool’ but they might have just been saying that so I’d buy one of their 37 fishes … sadly no point asking a veggie to buy fish.

This photo was taken at one of my favourite points on the walk which is Pulpit Rock at Johnny Doo’s hole just outside Anstruther.  Allegedly Covenanter preachers addressed their congregation here at Conventicles (illegal religious services) back in the 1600s. The Stuart Kings believed they had a divine right to rule but the Scots felt the Stuarts could rule their land but only Jesus Christ could be head of their spiritual welfare. King Charles I had introduced the Book of Common Prayer into Scotland in 1637 and declared it treason not to follow its liturgy. In 1638 opposers signed the Covenant which lead to a period of repression and violence. To attend a gathering such as was held at Pulpit Rock was punishable by death.

As a child I had no notion of this history and just loved to climb up and across it collecting tickets from imaginary passengers. The flat top of the rock with serrations and thin channels you could walk through, appeared to me to be like an open-top bus. So, maybe I sold my tickets to the spirits of those old covenanters heading off to a better place …

View of Pulpit Rock from the golf course

~ by marysia on 16 May 2010.

3 Responses to “Me and My Cameras …”

  1. Wow! the light is SO amazing, wish I was there. Lovely snap with your cameras and fabulous head scarf – you look like a movie star 🙂 Nx

    • The light IS incredible and I’ve been very lucky in that there’s been a lot of sunshine here lately despite volcanic dust clouds hanging over our heads!

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